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- Model LQ3G - three screw pump

Three screw pump is suitable for a variety of non-corrosive oil and similar oil and lubrication liquid. Conveying the liquid viscosity range is generally 3.0-760mm2 / s (1.2-100oE), the high viscosity of the medium may be followed by a warming Visbreaking conveyed. Its temperature does not exceed 350 °C. Three screw for conveying fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, crude oil, asphalt and other similar oil lubricants and lubricating liquid. Three screw pump lubrication pump in the industrial field, in the hydraulic system for hydraulic pump for conveying and booster pump in the fuel system, transmission and fuel pumps in the oil system. Product Features: (1) The medium is a straight line, without agitation and without pulsation; (2) Low vibration, low noise; (3) High pressure, high efficiency; (4) The structure is simple, easy accessibility; (5) Minor wear, long life. Technical parameters: Performance: Flow range: 2.4m ³ / h to 240m ³

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