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- Model LQRY - thermal oil pumpo

Overview and purpose: LQRY Series conducting oil pump is drawing on various domestic and international advanced thermal oil circulating pump characteristics developed. The pump has a reasonable structure, advanced technology, high efficiency, long-term stable operation without leakage in the hot state, no additional cooling system is safe and reliable, and can be widely used in the oil, grease, boilers, construction, road maintenance, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber, synthetic fiber textile, printing and dyeing and other industrial fields, is an ideal heat carrier medium circulation pump to use temperature ≤ 370 ° C. Product Features: (1) using the combination in the form of the packing seal and the mechanical seal, packing with high temperature resistant filler material, has a good thermal adaptability, and the mechanical seal, a high mechanical strength, good abrasion carbide material, guarantee the sealing performance under high temperature conditions.

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