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- Model Y2002 - Handheld Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meters



Yosemite Technologies recently released a new handheld optical dissolved oxygen meter. With high performance and quality in mind, the dissolved oxygen sensor is designed based on proved optical fluorescence lifetime quenching technology. The sensor is seamlessly integrated with a Yosemite's unique Smart Meter. The measured oxygen is temperature and pressure compensated automatically by built-in temperature and pressure sensors. The meter can also be connected to mobile devices such as smart phones and Tablets over Bluetooth communications. Through user friendly SMART METER APP interface software, many applications have been developed. Customers can have unique user experience which cannot be realized in traditional handheld meters.

  • Digital sensor, support RS485 / MODBUS
  • No membrane , no electrolyte
  • No oxygen consumption, no flow dependency
  • Built-in temperature and pressure sensors, Automatic compensation

  • Parameter types : Parameter
  • Range : 0~20mg/L or 0~200% air Sat.
  • Accuracy : 1%
  • Response time : 10 sec
  • Drift : <1% per year
  • Working Temperature Range : 0 ~ 50℃
  • Temperature Accuracy : ±0.2℃
  • Pressure Compensation : Auto 50~115kPa
  • Temperature and Pressure compensation method : Build-in & Automatic
  • Sensor size : Φ16×180mm
  • Meter Dimensions : 166 x 84 x 32mm
  • Data Storage : Yes
  • User Calibration : one or two points

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