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- Model Y4000 - Multiparameter Sondes



Yosemite Y4000 multi-parameter sensor is one of the  most comprehensive water quality monitoring platform for simultaneous measurement of  dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, pH, Chlorophyll, Blue green algae, and temperature. The integrated wiper system effectively prevents the impacts of biofouling, air bubbles, debris, etc. It is an ideal system for long term monitoring to have high quality measurements.

Y4000 Multi-parameter Sensor

  • RS485 output, support MODBUS.
  • Water proof connector.
  • Programmable auto cleaning wiper.
  • Ports for ODO, 4-electrodes Conductivity, Turbidity, Digital pH, Blue Green Algae, Oil in water, Chlorophyll.
  • Capable of measuring five parameter simultaneously, ideal for long term monitoring.

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