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The lifting-type mobile aerator is developed by our company over year’s efforts based on the advantages of various counterparts at home and abroad. It is a new type of oxygenation aerator and the core equipment of A/O process (activated sludge biochemistry technology). It can be effectively applied to every position of the sewage pool. It is featured by easy and convenient installation and maintenance, even oxygenation and low energy consumption.

The lifting-type mobile aeration system consists of tubular aerator, special four-way pipes, lifting pipes, air pipeline, connecting flange and fasteners.

The structure and material of aerator are shown in the figure below.

Technical Parameters

  • Flexible, easy and convenient installation. It can be installed during normal operation, not necessary to drain water. Simple maintenance.
  • The rubber diaphragm pipe is made from imported ethylene-propylene diene copolymer (EPDM) or silicon rubber, which makes the diaphragm anti-aging, corrosion-resisting and long service life, as long as 5 to 8 years.
  • The aerating hole is uniquely formed, leading to good expandability and instant closing.. when aerating, fine bubbles whose diameter is 1 – 3 mm can be generated and the oxygenation utilization can be as high 35 – 42%.
  • The support adopts the hollow form, which reduces the buoyancy of the aerating pipe in the water of the and prevents the pipeline from floating.
  • The gas vent is used to distribute the gas in a quick and even way, and the aerating diaphragm stresses evenly, which can increase the service life of the rubber diaphragm pipe and the uniformity of released bubbles and improve the aerating effect. The gas vent is narrow and the rubber diaphragm pipe area on it has no aerating holes. When air supply stops, the rubber diaphragm is tightly attached to the gas vent so as to prevent the sewage from flowing back.
  • high oxygenation efficiency, dynamic efficiency, low energy consumption and low investment.

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