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- Model YG series - Four Shaft Shredder

Yung Hsing designs and custom makes four shaft shredders for a broad range of applications. The four shaft shredder is of slow speed and of high torque, maximizing shredding efficiency to the extreme to meet any requirements for size reduction.


  • Robust and durable. All cutting components, including shafts, cutters, spacers, screeners and case made of top grade steel, SAE 4140, some of heat treatment. The certificate of materials origin is available on request. 
  • Easy to read and operate electrical control panel. Every process of shredding is displayed with meter or light to precisely indicate the current status of shredder operation.   
  • Modular electrical and electronic component design for easy maintenance, repair and replacement.  
  • Lateral plate of case is detachable to replace worn cutter(s) without dismantling the whole shaft structure. 


  • Two motor drive system (hydraulic or electric, depending on materials to be processed)
  • Four rotor design
  • Customizable rotor speed
  • Horizontal structure
  • Heavy duty gearbox
  • Heavy duty hexagonal shafts
  • Customizable cutter’s configurations to meet different applications. 
  • Customizable cleaning fingers to prevent materials from wrapping around shafts. 
  • Customizable Screeners to filter and separate materials to desired sizes. 
  • Primary shaft’s cutters are two edged, materials can be shredded no matter what direction the shaft rotate in, clockwise or counterclockwise.  
  • The screener can be lifted by the mounted air compressor for easy dismantling and replacement. 
  • Customizable power supply specification

Protective measures  

  • Overload protection. 
  • Shredding chocking. Machine reversely rotates automatically for 10-15 seconds and then stops. 3 seconds later, the shaft will auto-rotate clockwise again. Upon rotating reversely and clockwise 3 straight times, the shredder will stop. 
  • Mechanism and wrong operation protection. When the rotation switch is engaged in either clockwise or counterclockwise position, no matter how you turn the operation mode switch, auto or manual mode, the shredder won’t act until the rotation switch is reset to off position and then turned to clockwise or counterclockwise position again.
  • Motor protection. While the motor’s axil is still rotating, the shredder won’t be reactivated until the motor’s axil stop completely. 
  • Emergency stop. When encountering unexpected events, press the emergency stop button to stop operation immediately. 

Main part explication 

  • Motor 
  • Decelerator imported from HMRV, Italy
  • Gear made of steel, JIS G4103 SNCM-21 (SAE8620), through thermal refining  
  • Shafts made of steel, JISG4105 SCM435~440(SCM3~4), through thermal refining 
  • Cutters made of steel, JISG4105 SCM435~440(SCM3~4), through thermal refining
  • Spacers with surface through High-frequency induction hardening process 
  • Cleaning fingers
  • screener

Application: the four shaft shredders are used for the following applications:

  • Scrap electronics
  • Bulk waste processing
  • New product destruction
  • Document and record destruction
  • Medical and contaminated waste destruction
  • Tire shredding
  • Paper, cardboard, wood product and pallet reduction
  • Light gauge metal and aluminum reclamation
  • Applications that require uniform, small to medium product size.

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