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Model Z 28D - 8 Zone Alarm System



Pro-Tech has been making the eight zone Z 28 alarm since March 1990. We were forced to make it because Moose Products stopped making the MPI 50, which we used in the MARK XX alarm. Jim's favorite saying is 'Everything works out for the best' and this has been true with the Z 28. The first design had eight outputs for the dialer and nobody used it, so in 1994 we did a redesign with only one output. Guess what??? Later on some customers wanted the eight outputs so the monitoring company, Security Central, could tell him or her where to find the problem. Now we have designed the totally digital Z 28D with a display, eight dialer outputs, and no lights. Now when you receive a call from Security Central if you are using two of the DD3-PTI dialers they can tell you where to find the problem.

The Z 28D will do all the Z 28 did plus lots more. Management needs lots of information to make good decisions on large poultry farms or other confinement buildings and the Z 28D can help. The Z 28D is an information center, which can monitor up to eight locations and each location can have multiple sensors. Information from sensors such as power outages, temperature too high or too low, and static pressure and low water pressure can be reported to the Z 28D. The Z 28D can ignore momentary problems or accept them instantly.

When a problem occurs, the display shows you which zone(s) is violated. The zone cannot be re-armed until the problem has been corrected. You can deselect that zone until your problem is corrected so the siren will stop.

When the Z 28D detects a problem, it can sound a siren, turn on a strobe light, and operate a telephone dialer. The siren has two levels. As long as the problem exists, the siren produces its maximum sound. When the problem is corrected, the siren's sound is reduced to one-eighth its maximum sound. This allows the manager to know the urgency of the problem. If the siren is sounding at high level, attention to the problem is urgent. On the other hand, if the siren is sounding at low level, it says a problem has occurred, but it doesn't exist now. Three different sirens are available for the Z 28D but we recommend using the S 2300 that has a wider dispersion.

The Z 28D is equipped with a built in battery charger and 12-volt lead acid rechargeable battery to operate the system in the absence of power. A test button on the Z 28D activates the alarm and tests the battery and siren. A switch on the front panel allows the operator to choose instant response or delayed response. Delayed response is used when normal operation monitoring is done. It is best to test the alarm on instant. No waiting is necessary to test each detection point such as power outage or temperature.

This is the one Pro-Tech recommends for the Z 28D alarm. The MPI 11 siren driver mounts in the Z 28D enclosure. Mount the ELK SP40 speaker outside the building. Additional speakers can be added to the system to increase direction and/or sound level.

If these 3 are not loud enough, a JDS 100 is available. It is rated at 125 db at 10 feet, the loudest allowed by law, not on an emergency vehicle.

NOTE: If these 3 are not loud enough, a JDS 100 is available. It is rated at 125 db at 10 feet, the loudest allowed by law, not on an emergency vehicle.

20P 30 Adjustable Low Water Pressure Detector-It has settings between 0 and 30 psi.

DD3-PTI 4 Zone Digital Dialer- the DD3-PTI is a telephone reporting system that calls Statesville via a toll free number. The operator has on file four telephone numbers to contact. We recommend calling the farm first then the other numbers. This allows convenient testing of the unit. An annual monitoring fee is charged. There is no long distance calls associated with the monitoring. A telephone line is required to the facility being monitored. You may want to purchase 2 - DD3-PTI's with the Z 28D. The Z 28D has eight outputs therefore you can monitor each zone independently.

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