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Model ZC1600 - Big Presses


We have built for many years presses for the compaction of garbage. Some of our presses have been under continuous work for over twenty years… and are still working. These big presses are usually located on the final line of a plant for waste treatment, they can compact a bale of 30 ton weight and then push it inside a mobile floor semitrailer. All of this without the need of making, tie, stock, move and sometimes untie little bales. We also have a version designed for squeezing the water out of the pulper for the paper industry.

Chassis: manufactured by a primary Italian company according to the EEC normative and normalized CUNA S3 category. On customer demand the chassis can be provided with mechanical suspensions, with 1st and 2nd axle twin wheels, 3rd axle single and steering and ABS brake system, or pneumatic suspensions, with 1st axle lifting, 3rd axle steering, disc brakes and ABS brake system.


Equipment: Entirely realized inside the Ziliani Carlo Srl factory. Refuse collector bodywork realized with folded, pressed and electro welded side bars. Truck floor in anti wearing high resistant steel DOMEX WEAR. This floor is supported by central and lateral overhanging beams in order to give stiffness to the body structure either in loading or unloading phase. Sides and roof in DOMEX 420 steel.

Unloading rear shutter: Realized with a curved form in order to optimize the internal movement of waste during the compression, opportunely ribbed with tubular reinforce. Hydraulically operating with 180° opening .and double step block that permits the shutter closing and grant a perfect tightening of the lechate.

Loading upper shutter: Hydraulically operating too with 110°folding opening or 180° tipping on the roof opening. Charging throat mm. 3300 x 2300.

Compacting plate: Realized in DOMEX 420 and designed to divert waste to sides and roof, it slides upon an anti tipping guide by means of polizene slippers. The plate allows the compacting and expulsion functions and it is actioned oleodynamically by means of a small dimensions single action cylinder. This cylinder is stopped in different working positions in order to cover the all semitrailer length by means of brewed “step-by-step” system.

Working cycle: In the loading phase, the compacting is automatically performed while the semitrailer is under a conveyor belt or a hopper, and it is not necessary the presence of a truck because it works autonomously by means of an independent engine.

Oleodynamic plant: Driven by a diesel engine with 60HP power, composed principally by oleodynamic gear pumps and electric distributors to all operation control: expulsion cylinder moving, step-by-step slipper  blockage, loading and unloading shutters opening and closing. All the oleodynamic circuitry is realized according to the Cetop normative.

Electrical plant: Realized according the actual normative, entirely cabled inside Ziliani Carlo Srl factory, is settled in a polycarbonate box with protection degree IP55. and positioned at the edge of the compacting zone. It is also present a pendant pushbutton connected by a 5mt cable to the electrical switchboard and a remote control those allow to perform the control distant from the semitrailer.

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