Ziegler Electronic Devices GmbH (ZED)

- Model D-SIC141 - Digital UV Sensors for UV-C lamps - 1/4 inch teflon



The sensors are intended for monitoring UV lamps in water/air purification and disinfection systems for detecting absolute UV irradiance values. (UV values are indicated in 'W/m²', 'mW/cm²' or '%' with the appropriate UV-monitor). The digital UV-sensors are adjusted to cover the complete specified measurement range. One sensor can be used for all applications: low pressure types: range 2...500W/m², medium pressure types: range 20...3000W/m². Due to the digital processsing the signal transmission is fail safe regardless of the cable length (max. 30m). The connection of additional sensors to the RS485 bus allows multi sensor operation. ModBus UV sensor types for connection to PLC are available on request. The measurement window adpater MF001-A allows the adaptation of the 1/4 inch sensor types D-SiC131/D-SiCT141 to reactors with ISO228 G1 inch threads.

  • supply voltage: 12...24V DC
  • sensitive element: silicon carbide diode (SiC)
  • spectral range: 210 - 380nm
  • (220 - 290nm with UVC filter on request)
  • operation temperature: 0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F)
  • max. pressure / IP code: 10bar at quartz window / IP64 on terminal ends if connected to appropriate sensor cable
  • body material : stainless steel, PTFE (depending on sensor type)
  • mounting: x131/x141: pipe thread ISO228 G¼ (use MF001-A to adapt to G1) x133: pipe thread ISO228 G¾
  • wiring: ready-to-use ZED sensor cables available in several lengths

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