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- UV Sensors and Temperature Sensors



ZED UV sensors differ concerning housing form, mounting type (slide-in sensors, 1/4inch or 3/4inch threads), material (stainless steel or teflon) and signal (digital, analog 4...20mA, 0...2V, 0...10V, non-amplified UV-diode output). Silicon carbide (SiC) diodes, if needed with additional UV-C filter, are used in all ZED UV probes. These daylight insensitive semiconductor material is said to be the best available material for UV sensors.

The ZED UV-sensors and temperature sensors are used together with PLC or ZED UV monitors for monitoring UV lamps in systems for water/air purification and disinfection to ensure the required efficiency of disinfection:

  • Decreasing UV values indicate a lowered UV lamp output (e.g. at the end of lamp lifetime) or a lowered transmission in water/air caused by pollution.
  • Alternating UV values might be an indication of a lamp operated outside specification (e.g. lamp temperature too high), might be caused by bubbles or solids in the medium or might be effects of electrical interferences on long cables with analog sensors.

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