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- Laser In-Situ Ammonia Slip Analyzer



It is a explosion-proof tunable laser gas analyzer for slipping ammonia emissions monitoring for SCR or SNCR denitration apparatus. The analyzer is a field-mounted slipping ammonia on-line monitor based on TDLAS for NH3 trace analysis with the feature of low detection limit, accurate measurement results, easy calibration and alignment, simple and compact structure, no moving parts.

  • Linear Error: ≤±1%F.S.
  • Span Drift:  ≤±1% F.S./half year
  • Type Of Protection: ExdIICT6 Gb
  • Enclosure Rating: IP66
  • Response Time: ≤1s(T90)
  • Analog Output:  2× 4-20mA output
  • Analog Input   :  2× 4-20mA input
  • Digital Communications: RS485/RS232/GPRS
  • Working Temp.: -20℃~+60℃
  • Purge Gas:  0.3MPa ~ 0.8MPa N2, clean air

Apply to slip ammonia emissions monitoring and process control of SCR or SNCR DeNOx apparatus includes coal-fired power plants, aluminum, iron and steel plants, smelters, glass, garbage power plants, cement plants, chemical plants.

  • In-situ installation and real-time measurement avoid pre-treatment sample adsorption, congestion and component damage
  • Modular design, laser module field replaceable, easy maintenance
  • Single spectrum  measuring technology is interfered from background gases
  • The optical path  achieves uncoupling directional adjustment, ambient light path adjusts simply

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