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- Model AQMS-100 - FID VOCs Online Monitoring System



AQMS-100 is an on-line monitoring product that measures VOCs (volatile organic compounds) content and dust of atmospheric. The system uses advanced intelligent component analysis algorithm and flame ionization (FID) detection technology,  gathering gas, processing, analysis, storage and upload real-time measurement data by high-precision AD sampling to monitor the concentration of total VOCs and the main component , the total amount of emissions in real time.

  • Advanced pretreatment system can be adapt to high temperature, high dust and other serious environmental   .
  • FID detector has the advantages of high sensitivity, wide linear range, high stability
  • Wide detecting range is suitable for monitoring both high and low concentrations of emission.
  • With automatic calibration function, the operation status of detector is for real-time monitoring that can realize remote fault diagnosis and maintenance

  • Whole instrument OEM & ODM
  • Module parts OEM & ODM
  • Flexible cooperation mode: retail, wholesale, distributors
  • Environmental & industrial  monitoring solutions

  • Principle: PID photoionization detection (optional PID, TCD and other sensors)
  • Measurement Error: <± 5% F.S (benzene gas).
  • Transfer Protocol: HJ/T 212
  • Installation: pipe or wall-mounted
  • Output Interface: GPRS wireless, RS485 bus
  • Output Distance: the longest distance 2000m
  • Humidity: 10% RH ~ 95% RH

Apply to organic industrial pollution emissions in transportation equipment manufacturing, industrial coating, packaging, printing, paint manufacturing, organic chemicals, tire manufacturing, semiconductor integrated circuits, furniture manufacturing, household appliances, wire and cable, paint dry, footwear, synthetic materials, monosodium glutamate manufacturing industrial.

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