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- Model GCOM-3000 - VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds Online Analyzer



GCOM-3000-VOCs is a VOCs monitoring product which use international mainstream chromatographic methods. It can monitor organic pollutant gases such as methane, the total hydrocarbon, non methane total hydrocarbon, low-carbon aldehyde ketone, benzene series( benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl benzene, isopropyl benzene) and part of halogenated hydrocarbons by using FID detector and high performance chromatographic separation column.

GC technology is a gas separation technology that multicomponent gas mixture pass through special chemical fillings of chromatographic column, then effectively separated while flow out of the column.

For different boiling point and polarity of different components, the gas component of high boiling point and small polarity difference flows slowly and flows out late; the gas component of low boiling point and big polarity difference flows faster and flows out earlier. Under the conditions of proper column length, temperature and material, gas mixture will be finally separated individually.

FID technology is one of the effective methods for detecting organic gas of low concentration. After been separated from the column, the gas continuously delivered into the FID detector by the carrier gas. Under high temperature ionization of FID detector hydrogen flame, the gas molecular bond is opened and releases the free ions and electrons. Under high voltage electric field of FID detector, released electrons move to one electrode of the electric field, and generate signal current from the measurement circuit which is related to the quantity of gas components into the detector. The total signal collected at the certain sampling period illustrates the content of the  certain gas component.

  • Each time after sampling injection, the analyzer purges sample loop and back blows column automatically, so that the components
  • without detection needs can be rapidly discharged from the system reversely, to shorten the analysis cycle time efficiently.
  • Use Silcosteel® processing gas lines to greatly reduce the adsorption and residual of the sample gas within the tube wall.
  • FID detector has automatic ignition and alarm function after flameout, effective security management and control of the hydrogen flame gas path.
  • Analyzer supports multi-detector configuration, continuously analysis the sample gas simultaneously, improve the ability of complex samples analysis.
  • Support TCP / IP network remote control of the analyzer, also support directly site operating analyzer by touching the LCD screen.
  • Can be equipped with flameproof enclosure for installation requirements of anti-explosion occasion.

  • Method: GC-FID
  • Distinguishability: 0.001ppm
  • Repeatability: ± 2%
  • Accuracy: ± 10%
  • Zero Poit Drifting: ± 1%/24h
  • Range Drift: ± 3%
  • Measurement Period: ≤1h
  • Size: 19 inch, 6U
  • Insulation Resistance: 20MΩ
  • Signal Output: RS232/485
  • Communication Protocol: Modbus-RTU/TCP
  • Working Carrier Gas: nitrogen, purity≥99.999%

Apply to  Coated Furniture Factory/Special Gas Lab/Process Control/Textile Printing and Dyeing Plants/ Drinks and Food Industries/Flue Gas Emission Control/ Fermentation Control/Chemicals Production or Treatment Plant/Urban Environmental Gas Monitoring/ Auto Industry.

  • After completion of each sample, analyzer automatically counter blows the chromatographic columnto speed up the component screening and analysis
  • Gas line is inert processed to avoid the adsorption and residue of samples on the pipe wall
  • Software in addition to the built-in default analysis method, also allows the user to free configure analysis process and methods
  • Configuration supports multiple detectors which can be used for complex sample analysis at the same time and can improve the ability of analysis

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