- Model GA-5000M - UV DOAS Flue Gas Measurement Module


The module is specialized for measuring the concentration of toxic gases such as SO2, NO and NO2 in the discharge pipeline of pollution sources. It is widely used in environmental monitoring and thermal parameter measurement as well as other applications. Compared with the instruments adopted electrochemical sensors, this optical bench has advantages of high measurement accuracy, strong reliability, fast response time, long service life etc. By employing innovative anti-interference algorithm, multicomponent photoelectric detectors and high-tech new materials, the special designed module is dedicated to provide customers with experience of reliable quality and high performance.


Ultraviolet differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) The optical technology platform consists of light sources, gas chamber, optical and spectroscopic (including diaphragm, holographic grating, linear array detector) and other optical components. Ultraviolet light is sent by the light source through the optical window into gas chamber; absorbed by the sample gas through the gas chamber. The light carrying sample absorption information gathers through lens coupled into fiber and then transmits through the optical fiber into spectrometer. After light splitting and photo-voltaic, conversion, absorption spectrum is obtained and analyzed to calculate the concentration of the related components in gas.

Measurement principle    DOAS technology
Repeatability                 ≤0.5%
Stability                        ≤2%
Linearity                       ≤±2%F.S.
Zero drift                      ≤±2%F.S.
Span drift                      ±2%F.S.
Response time               <25 s
Weight                          3.2kg
Dimension                     420mm*160mm*80mm

1. Using multiple return absorption gas cell with compact structure and long effective optical path

2.High accuracy, measuring various gases at the same time

3.No moving parts, high reliability

4.Small volume, light weight, convenient to carry and onboard using

Apply to exhaust emission monitoring and process control such as coal-fired power plants, garbage power plant, cement, glass, lime factory, ceramics factory, sinter, coke oven, deSOx, deNOx technology and etc.