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- Model PP - Melt Blown Filter Cartridge



The PP melt blown filter cartridge (PP spun bonded filter cartridge) from Zonel Filtech with NSF approved, adopted the 100% PP virgin resin with the procedures of PP resin melting, fiber blowing / spraying, stretching, and spun bonding so as to make the product into a hose shape and suitable for filtration usage in various designs of the S.S. filter houses.

The PP spun filter cartridge as a kind of depth filter cartridge without any extra adhesives (resin bonded filter cartridge design), with 3 layers design according to different pore sizes and with the properties of chemical resistance, high filter efficiency, big flow volume, lower resistance, big particles loading, small size, can stand high pressure, various application, etc.

The factory with 6 production lines (3 melt blown heads with automatic design) and output capacity up to 15000 pcs per day, we accept the customizing orders with the various requirements from clients, fast delivery guaranteed, welcome to cooperate with Zonel Filtech!

1. The PP spun filters from Zonel Filtech adopt the 100% PP new material, food grade.
2. With 3-layers PP thermally bonded construction (thermal bonded PP micron fiber filter cartridge), with high filter efficiency, big flow volume, lower resistance, big particles loading, durable.
3. The spun bonded PP filter from Zonel Filtech with good chemical resistance, massive applications.
4. The Zonel PP melt blown filter cartridge with high filter efficiency, small size, high resistance design, offer the mostly economical solutions of the filtration.

1. Pre-filtration for drink water. (both home and industrial usage, polypropylene sediment water filter cartridge).
2. Pre-filtration for RO system (spun bonded water filter cartridge).
3. Pure water filtration for electronic / power industries (oil absorbing filter cartridge, etc.)
4. For filtration in oil and gas industries, chemical industries, mining, metallurgy industries, etc.
5. Food and beverage industries.
6. Pharmaceutical industries.
7. Air filtration for various occasions.

1. Material available:
A. Filter material of the PP melt blown filter cartridge: 100% PP (can be designed with smooth surface, needle punching surface, grooving surface, etc.)
B. Core material of the PP spun bonded filter cartridge: PP, SS304, SS316 C. Connection of the melt blown filter cartridges: DOE, 215, 222, 34, etc.

2. Size information of the PP spun filters:
A. Length: 5~50”
B. OD: 45~120mm
C. ID: 20mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 38mm, 60mm, 90mm
D. Filter efficiency: 0.5micron, 1 micron, 5 micron, 10 micron, 20 micron, 30micron, 50micron, 100 micron.

3. Main function data of the PP melt blown filter cartridge:
A. Efficiency and flow volume of the PP melt blown filter cartridge:

Note:The cartridge tested with the length of 10”, pressure 0.2MPa, testing media is water.

B. Suggest maximum operating pressure: 0.5MPa; maximum pressure drop: 0.2MPa.
C. Suggest maximum operating temperature: 60-degree C.

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