Changzhou Zonel Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

- Model ZF/PT - Portable Filter Cartridge Dust Collector

The portable dust collector mainly equipped for the circumstance which dust cause positions not fix or temporary dust points for dust collection and fume removal. The properties: 1.Easy to move, can collect the dust in different positions easily. 2.Suitable for some fine fume collection, such as welding fume; also suitable for some big particles collection. 3.Installed the high efficiency filter cartridge, filter efficiency more than 99%, the service life of the cartridge more than 1 year, easy maintenance. 4.With self-clean system, easy to purging the filter cartridges. 5.With the shelf and flexible dust suction pipe, the length can customize according to client’s requirements. Application: Mainly play the role as Welding working shop dust collector, polishing plants dust collector, food industries dust collector, pharmaceutical plants dust collector, the packing position of the powders dust collector and other occasion need to purify the dust air.