Zep Solar, Inc.

Zep Solar, Inc.

- Model Comp - PV Arrays for Composition Single Roofs



ZS Comp offers the fastest and least expensive way to mount PV arrays on composition shingle  roofs. With a series of drop-in and quarter-turn connections, ZS Comp offers real labor savings  compared to conventional mounting systems. The structural connections of ZS Comp are auto- grounding, eliminating the need for separate grounding hardware. And with its hyper-bonded  grounding matrix, ZS Comp offers the safest, most reliable way to ground PV arrays.

Key System Benefits

  • Dramatically reduces installation time
  • Eliminates mounting rails and clip hardware
  • Eliminates separate grounding hardware
  • Ultra-reliable hyper-bonded grounding matrix
  • Rapid, top-accessible precision array leveling
  • Ultra-low parts count
  • Enhanced aesthetics

Key Technical Features

  • TÜV tested to IEC 61215 for 5400Pa load conditions
  • Suitable for high wind applications
  • Interlock listed to UL 2703 as ground bond means
  • Ground Zep UL listed to UL 2703 as grounding and bonding device
  • Interlock, Leveling Foot and Ground Zep listed to UL 2703 as PV bonding device

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