Building materials are known to have water seepage and water leakages due to inherent porosity and micro cracks. Waterproofing is a treatment, which is expected to make the material impervious to water. Much technology and product development has taken place in various waterproofing products for the last 50 years, particularly using basic polymeric chemistry with a variety of other materials. One of the primary objectives of waterproofing is to maintain and preserve aesthetics, which is affected by: Paint peel-off, Paint blisters, Fungus, Mold, Mildew and Efflorescence.

Another serious issue that waterproofing addresses is preventing the loss of structural strength of concrete building materials, particularly due to ASR (alkali silica reaction), acid rain, and sulphate attack. It also prevents chloride penetration which can result in corrosion of the reinforced steel bars.

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