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3E Online - MSDS provides web-based access to a customer’s hazardous material inventory and associated Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) 24-7-365. Instant Internet access to this information assists in environmental, health and safety (EH&S) and hazard communication compliance requirements. 3E Online can be further enhanced with add-on modules. Startup is highly efficient with no installation required. 3E Online - MSDS is delivered via an easy and intuitive web browser interface that puts EH&S information and compliance one click away.

The interface supports a wide variety of languages, enabling users to search for MSDSs in their local language, making this an ideal solution for companies with facilities in various countries.

The Platinum Expert Edition is for the most advanced user who requires regulatory impact analysis features, expanded search, and product properties modification capabilities. For our more standard inventory management package, see our Gold Standard Edition. For basic, multi-site MSDS management, see 3E Online - MSDS Silver Edition.

3E Online - MSDS Platinum Expert comes with all the features and functionality of Gold Standard, plus the following capabilities:

Enhanced Chemical Search

Platinum subscribers can view and search substances in their inventories based on an even wider variety of search criteria, including Molecular Formula, EINECS Number, ELINCS Number, EU Annex 1 Index Number, Japan ENCS, Japan ISHL or Korean ID numbers.

Regulatory Impact Analysis

Based on the regulatory lists powered by Ariel data, customers can track regulatory changes within their inventories. Users can also run change reports based on specified location and date range, enabling them to analyze the impact of the regulatory change on their operation.

MSDS Ingredients Modification

Designated users can adjust percentages and add chemicals to the MSDS ingredient list. Once modified, all 3E reports and regulatory list analysis will reflect the revised data.

Product Properties Modification

Designated users can modify product properties at the location level, including VOC data, Physical State, Specific Gravity and Density Information. Again, once modified, all 3E reports will reflect the new data.

Custom Lists

Users can create custom lists based on specific ingredients, CAS number or a collection of regulatory lists to create specific queries within 3E Online.

MSDS Obtainment

One of the most valuable features of 3E Online-MSDS is the MSDS obtainment service that comes with it. 3E's obtainment services involve working with tens of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers to ensure 3E Online subscribers have the most relevant and recent MSDS. As suppliers author GHS-compliant MSDSs, 3E will source these documents on our clients' behalf and replace the outdated versions.

Extracting GHS information from the MSDS

A team of highly-skilled multilingual specialists extract and index up to 20 data elements from each MSDS using strict quality control procedures. Transcribing GHS information is part of this process.

GHS Labels

3E Online-MSDS features a label tool for secondary container labels or replacing damaged labels on product containers. Four of the 25 available templates are GHS specific.

GHS Classification and Labeling Reports

Multiple reports extract GHS information about each product into Excel format for further evaluation and analysis.

GHS Regulatory Reports

Generate reports identifying which products in a user's inventory have CAS numbers on global GHS classification and labeling regulatory lists, such as European, Korean and Japanese lists. Reports can be generated to show changes to these regulatory lists and related impacts to a user's inventory over specific periods of time.

Revision Alert for GHS

Want to know when a product in your inventory has a new GHS-compliant MSDS? As new MSDSs are obtained and added to the system, a weekly notification email will be sent to any designated user. An additional, optional notification will identify specific data points that have changed on the revised MSDS, including classification changes, CAS number changes, and physical and health hazard modifications.

Regulated Chemical Lists Powered by Ariel Data
Customers can compare their site-specific inventory to more than 50 regulatory lists including SARA, CERCLA, TSCA and others to identify regulated or potentially regulated products and chemicals.

Multilingual MSDS Search
Search by product name, manufacturer, internal number, CAS RN, EU classification or chemical substance name in a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

3E MSDS On Demand Backup
In the event users are unable to connect to the internet 3E provides 24-7-365 assistance via phone for MSDS fax requests.

Access to 3E Mobile-MSDS
Users can access their inventory of MSDSs anytime, anywhere using smartphone devices, including iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

Custom Value Fields
Customers can specify their own search criteria on a set number of custom value fields, based on their internal processes and policies.

Organization by Facility
Each customer’s database can be organized by facility and sub-facility for easy reference and access to a site-specific inventory.

Advanced Security System
Access allowed only to authorized users. Users can be segmented and granted access to certain functional or administrative features or limited data.

Access to Historical Records
Expired MSDSs are archived at a secure storage facility on paper or in electronic format (DAT tape). Customers have access to these archived MSDSs upon request.

Internet/Intranet MSDS Access
Customer-specific database access provided via an intuitive, easy-to-use web browser interface on a secure website hosted and maintained by 3E. No client-side installation is required.

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