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Regulatory agencies including the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) require that all hazardous materials or dangerous goods be appropriately classified, packaged, marked, labeled, placarded and shipped with proper documentation. Failure to comply can result in civil penalties and fines of up to $50,000 per day, per incident, by the DOT; and in the tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Non-compliance with transportation regulations can also lead to significant delays, re-routing, or other negative impacts on the supply chain. This may cause materials to be shipped or reshipped unnecessarily, increasing costs and the overall carbon footprint of those shipments.

3E Transportation Specialists are well versed in the area of dangerous goods transportation, and can classify materials for any mode - ground, air or water - based on 49 CFR HMR, IACO (IATA) DGR, IMDG Code and/or Canadian TDG regulations.

Transportation Hotline
3E’s toll-free Transportation Hotline provides 24-7-365 access to live specialists who respond with guidance on classification information, packaging, marking and labeling as well as regulatory questions for any mode of transport including ground, air and water. 3E specialists can advise whether or not a specific product in a specific quantity and type of packaging can be transported in compliance with regulations.

Transportation Classification
3E can classify a customer’s inventory for determination of packaging and requirements. 3E will manage changes in regulations and adjust classifications accordingly on an on-going basis. An online interface provides reports by mode, such as main hazard class and regulated versus non-regulated. It also provides the ability to view classification data by product, view required labels for product shipment and print markings. 3E can also feed the classification data directly into a customer’s corporate system, enabling the customer to reduce data management costs by providing a centralized repository for classification information to be shared with the entire enterprise.

Companies can use 3E’s multi-modal transportation classification to evaluate alternative modes of shipment that may allow for more less impacting modes of transportation. For example, on a per pound basis, vessel shipments carry a lesser carbon footprint than ground or air.

Transportation Shipping Papers
3E can prepare and provide the required shipping papers and documentation for any mode of transportation on behalf of a customer, including tailoring information to internal shipping acceptance requirements. The papers can be prepared on an as-needed basis and provided for inclusion with the shipment.

Emergency Response Hotline for Products
Customers who prepare their own shipping papers can subscribe for the use of 3E's 24-7-365 toll-free telephone number on the document to comply with regulatory requirements for providing an emergency contact on shipping papers.

  • 24-7-365 Live Access to Transportation Professionals: Immediate toll-free access via the 3E EH&S Mission Control Call Center to Transportation Specialists for instructions on shipping hazardous materials.
  • Call Recording: 3E records all calls for training, quality assurance and historical reference as necessary.
  • Activity Documentation: 3E documents all information related to a customer’s transport of hazardous materials, including names, requests and guidance offered. Detailed summary reports of activities are available upon request.

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