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5-Stage Development Plan


Exploration phase: The successful completion of a geothermal project requires careful preparation. The first phase of geothermal exploration involves the organization and assessment of existing geological and geophysical data. These 'old' data are viewed and re-processed. Based on this 'old' data, a new seismic exploration can be performed. Additional studies define the expected temperature of the reservoir. Also, the rate of dumping of hot water produced from the wells can be roughly estimated upon completion of the preliminary survey.

Feasibility analysis

The feasibility study serves to check the implementation of projects. It is determined to what extent, by what means and in what time the project can be realized. Above all, it is examined whether from previous findings a contradiction exists to the project goal. Economic, technical, organizational and geological points are dealt with. The feasibility study will determine whether the project can be carried out and whether it is economical.

Drilling and testing phase

After the seismic surveys have been completed and a suitable location for the drilling site has been selected, the development and construction of the well site can commence. The well site must be built on a stable foundation as it contains the foundations for the rig. 
After the drilling site construction can begin with the construction of the derrick. The derrick is delivered in about 80 truckloads and usually covers about 1500 tons. The derrick is over 50 meters high.

Can be drilled after construction of the derrick both in the vertical and in the horizontal direction (directional drilling). The individual drill sections in a borehole are partially cased with steel pipes - so-called casings - to prevent collapse of the borehole. When a well drills down to the target depth, various well tests - such as temperature measurements or pump tests - take place to characterize the properties of the wellbore.

Power Plant Design

If the circulation test gives the corresponding results, the construction of the power plant can begin. Of course, this is preceded by the entire planning of the power plant including the ordering of power plant components. The ordering of the respective components has to be done early, because the partially custom made components have extremely long delivery times.

Operation and maintenance

Once the power plant is built, the commissioning phase comes, ie the plant goes into trial operation and produces electricity for the first time. If everything goes according to plan in this phase, the power plant can go into regular operation. From this point on, the power plant will run like any other power plant. It produces both electricity and heat and feeds these forms of regenerative energy into the local electricity and heat network.

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