United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon

80,000 lbs GAC change-out at Shell Benecia Refinery CA

UMI-2000 is a supplier of Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange (IX) Resins and Adsorption Filtration Equipment. We supply Commodity Codes 885-08 Activated Carbon and Filter Elements and 890-02 Activated Carbon Systems, Equipment, and Adsorbers. Eastern, Central and Western USA distribution points stock activated carbon in all forms - GAC, PAC and Extruded Pellets (EAC) from coal and coconut shell. We also design, size and build custom fabricated liquid and vapor phase activated carbon adsorption systems. Additional filter media we offer are organically modified clay, filter sand & gravel, anthracite, specialty impregnated activated carbon(s) and Cat-OX 4mm pellet metal oxide treated activated carbon with 0.36 g/cc H2S Capacity. Full technical support including isotherms and activated carbon use rate estimates. UMI-2000 can mobilize manpower and equipment to any site in the USA to remove and re-install Activated Carbons. We have handled the toughest applications including confined space.