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Aboriginal Engagement


TERA provides Aboriginal engagement services for a wide range of projects. Our staff work with proponents and Aboriginal communities to develop strategies that consider Aboriginal interests and incorporate the value-added community information into projects. We offer Aboriginal engagement services throughout the entire lifecycle of a project and our services are designed to include any number of development programs, training and employment opportunities. Mutually beneficial strong working relationships, economic opportunities and accountability are the results of TERA’s facilitation services, involvement programs and training.

At TERA, we conduct all engagement activities in recognition and appreciation of Aboriginal culture and with an understanding of the unique perspective of each Aboriginal community.

Engagement and facilitation services TERA provides include:

  • Traditional Knowledge studies
  • Aboriginal strategy development
  • Aboriginal stakeholder engagement plan
  • Risk assessment and gap analysis
  • Process and engagement documentation

Our Involvement Programs and training services include:

  • Community Capacity Development Program
  • Field participation training program
  • Traditional Land Use monitoring program
  • Environmental Inspection and monitoring programs
  • Employment and work experience opportunities

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