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Accessories and Calibration Services for Precise Results


Maintaining environmental monitoring and process validation takes a holistic approach with bespoke elements. Settle plate stands, microbial air sampler spare heads, tripods, bespoke media and instrument calibration services are the details that can make the difference

The best environmental monitoring and validation processes are designed with the desired end result in mind from the outset.

At Cherwell Laboratories we have designed and produced media formulations, settle plate stands, contact plate carriers and air sampler tripods to ensure you get the precise results from your EM program that you need.

We have also created bespoke packaging solutions, such as the one we developed for Great Ormond Street Hospital, and our special barrier packs for gamma-irradiated media.

Additionally, we offer a tailored calibration service for your SAS air samplers, including an onsite option, to ensure your instruments are also in top condition.

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