Accoustic Imaging Services


The use of sonar systems with different levels of resolution makes it possible to provide basic biological information such as the description of certain patterns of fish behaviour, their preferred occupation of certain substrata, etc…Our EK60, 38/200 kHz Combi D sonar from SIMRAD ( is a single-beam sonar which allows accurate identification of fish, including very small specimens. Combined with the SONAR 5 data processing software, which few scientists possess expertise in, we are able to offer a high-performance measurement tool for use in fixed situations (sonar in a fixed horizontal or vertical position) or in mobile mode on our boat. Studying the biomass in lakes or rivers, counting the fish appearing in a water intake, and the characterisation of fish migration patterns in tidal currents are also applications that we have used with success.

The development of more sophisticated sonar systems also makes it possible to achieve qualified resolution with an acoustic camera. Developed by DIDSON ( in the USA, the acoustic camera allows a clear view of fish moving around in their surroundings, with significant precision at distances of less than 15 m. Our expertise with this system even goes so far as to allow us, in certain situations, to identify the species being observed. This tool is the perfect response to the need for accurate observations in small areas, such as the entrance to outlets for downstream migration, or breeding areas, for example.

Expertise in acoustic imaging, from SIMRAD and DIDSON plus the associated software, is once more exclusive to Profish in Belgium!

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