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Hydraulic fracturing in Shale plays is a means of extracting Natural Gas from the shale formations underground.  The predominant shale plays in the United States are the Barnett Shale, TX, Marcellus Shale, PA, Haynesville Shale, LA and Eagleford Shale, TX.In order to fracture the shale formations and enhance natural gas recovery, various fracturing fluids are utilized in industry.  Most of the flowback water generated from these operations is reused in the fracturing process.  Known drinking water impacts have been encountered in various parts of the country due to hydraulic fracturing.  In some shale plays Air Quality impacts have also been cited.

Accutest has played an active role in the analysis of the complex fracturing fluids utilized in fracturing the shale formations.  Accutest provides analytical services for pre-drilling activities as well as post drilling activities for its clients.  Accutest also offers analytical services for the analytes outlined in the CWA, SWDA, NPDES, CAA, and RCRA related to the shale plays.  In addition, Accutest provides guidance in the collection of air samples.  

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held its first technical workshop on Hydraulic Fracturing on February 24-25, 2011.  Kesavalu M. Bagawandoss, Ph.D., J.D. ('Dr. Doss'), Technical Director for Accutest Gulf Coast was a key note speaker and presenter on Field and Analytical Challenges of Hydraulic Fracturing.  Learn more (click here).

Dr. Doss has 30 years of experience in the environmental industry.  His expertise includes Laboratory Setups, Clean Room Setup for TMDL Methods, Methods Development, Fingerprinting, Alkylated PAH's, Biomarkers, Frac Fluid Analyses, Air Toxics, Biota Analyses by MSPD, Dioxins/Dibenzofurans (Low Res, High Res, Triple Quad) and Land Treatment of Oil Refinery Wastes.

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