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- Test Methods and Media


Accutest Laboratories performs a diverse array of analytical methods which are selected based on regulatory program specifications dictated by the client. Accutest draws on promulgated regulatory methods and guidance methods developed by the USEPA and State regulatory agencies. Accutest also employs custom methods developed internally or developed by the client for unique determinations.

Prior to using any method, Accutest performs a rigorous method evaluation which is submitted to State regulatory agencies to support accreditation of the method. The evaluation includes a sensitivity demonstration to establish the limit of detection or method detection limit, a demonstration of capability establishing the competency of the laboratory technicians to use the method and a proficiency test that supports the laboratory’s ability to successfully generate acceptable data on a blind test sample.

Upon receipt of the State accreditation, Accutest becomes qualified to submit data for regulatory purposes in that State. Quality control data from the application of each method is compiled and statistically processed to develop a performance specification used to evaluate method control.

  • Water
  • Soil, Solids & Sediments
  • Ambient Air, Indoor Air & Soil Vapor
  • Specialty Analysis
  • Waste Characterization

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