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Acoustic Consulting Services


Innova's acoustical engineers and consultants bring specialized knowledge and expertise to investigate and solve noise issues at industrial facilities.

Our Acoustical Consulting Services

Ambient Surveys - Performing short or long duration sound level surveys to document the existing noise environment in terms of Ldn, Leq, L10, or any other descriptors required by applicable regulations.
Regulatory Review - Analyzing and interpreting all applicable ordinances.
Noise Impact Assessments - Preparing the acoustical sections of environmental impact statements.
Occupational Noise Exposure - Monitoring in the workplace to quantify workers exposure to noise (dosimetry) and creation of workplace noise maps around stationary noise sources in industrial facilities to aid reduction strategies.
Acoustical Compliance- Investigating compliance with noise by-laws, codes and ordinances; developing testing procedures; conducting and reporting the compliance survey.
Noise Prediction - Predicting noise levels from existing and future planned facilities or sites using mathematical and empirical modeling techniques.
Specification Development - Review of vendor equipment noise levels and development of the equipment noise level specifications for purchasing purposes.
Design and Implementation of Noise Control- Modeling of cost-effective mitigation options, performing the detailed engineering, preparing as-built or fabrication drawings, and installing the noise control.
Expert Testimony- Supporting clients at public hearings and open houses with acoustical engineering expertise.

With hundreds of successfully completed noise surveys and modeling assignments worldwide, we have gained a solid reputation for our quality industrial noise control.

Areas of Specialization

  • Low Frequency Noise
  • Noise Propagation Modeling (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Optimization of the Noise Control and Costs
  • Interpretation of Complex Regulatory Environments
  • Practical, Cost-Effective Mitigation Designs

Engineering Toolbox

Sophisticated computer engineering software accurately simulates noise propagation and develops and tests our acoustical designs:

  • Cadna_A
  • Odeon
  • ANSYS for CFD Analysis
  • ANSYS Multiphysics
  • Proprietary Silencer Design Algorithms
  • In-house database of field acoustic measurements

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