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Acoustical Blanket Services


The SPL Services, Inc. composite blanket is custom fabricated with poly-vinyl-chloride coated outer shells and highly absorbent inner insulation. We stock and supply noise control blanket in two standard rental sizes, 10′x10′ and 10′x20′ but they can be purchased in virtually any size and shape to fit your noise control needs.


Our Acoustical blankets are effective barriers against annoying noise. These blankets can be attached to a frame enclosing equipment or hung from vertical uprights to create a sound wall. They are made from poly-vinyl-chloride outer shells and acoustical batting. They have been laboratory and field tested to perform and achieve their design purpose of noise mitigation. A typical reduction of 15 – 40 dB’s can be achieved at 50 feet using either our STC-25 or STC-18 blankets.

Our STC-18 blankets rated in accordance with ASTM E-413 are our most commonly used stock items. These blankets are placed to enclose a piece of equipment to absorb and stop noise. Our standard stock size blankets are 10’ x 10’ and 10’ x 20’ and may be rented or purchased. If purchasing our materials, custom engineering is also available for your specific size requirements, color selection, and can incorporate other special sound control materials into the blanket.

These blankets are manufactured to withstand long-term exterior elements. All manufacture methods are geared towards optimum acoustical performance and long life of the product. For example, threading on similar interior products utilize lightweight or organic threading which is subject to rotting. These same products often have a protective surface coating which deteriorates, even peels, under exposure to the elements, excess dirt or when cleaning graffiti from the surface. Our blankets are heavy-duty for optimum product life and performance.

Sound Transmission Class rates at STC -18 in accordance with ASTM-E-413

  • Oil resistant, UV Resistant and Anti-fungal
  • Poly- Vinyl – chloride outer shells
  • Flame Retardant to California Fire Marshall F-419.01
  • After Flame : 2 seconds
  • Length of Char: 3.5
  • Working Temperature: -40 deg. To +200 Deg. F
  • Rust Proof Grommets on 12″ centers
  • Conforms to California Construction Codes Weight: .4lbs per square foot

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