Activated Carbon Adsorption Vessel Exchange Service



When the activated carbon in your adsorption vessel is spent, you need a fresh adsorber right away. And, production downtime at your jobsite or facility is not an option.

Replacing the entire spent vessel with a fresh one is less invasive and is cost effective.

TIGG’s activated carbon adsorption vessel exchange program will replace the entire spent adsorber, activated carbon and all, with a replenished vessel that’s ready to perform.

Oftentimes, this is a big benefit over the traditional method of carbon bed replacement, which involves removing the spent carbon from the vessel right at your jobsite. This process can be intrusive, laborious and messy. Workmen with vacuum hoses and hard hats can disrupt activity at your facility.

Exchanging spent adsorption vessels for fresh ones keeps your process up and running.

Whether you own or rent your equipment, TIGG offers activated carbon vessel exchange services where the entire spent vessel is removed and quickly replaced with an adsorption vessel that’s pre-filled with fresh, quality activated carbon. The exhausted adsorption vessel is taken off-site, where the spent activated carbon is safely removed and recycled.

Whether your spent media is classified as hazardous or non-hazardous, TIGG technical representatives will help you complete the Spent Carbon Profile Form prior to the adsorption vessel exchange.

When your job requires constant air or water adsorption or filtration, TIGG’s activated carbon vessel exchange service keeps you up and running with minimally invasive adsorption vessel exchanges. Whether for industrial processes, environmental remediation or other applications, our adsorption vessel exchange program is safe, fast and effective.

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