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Active Substances


Pesticides, biocides and medicines are important tools in crop protection, facility maintenance and disease control.

The Pesticides and Biocides Directives both aim to harmonise the European market and provide a high level of protection for humans, animals and the environment.

Recent EMEA and VICH guidance on environmental risk assessment of human and veterinary medicines now includes increased environmental data requirements when bringing medicines to market.

We have expertise in the environmental risk assessment of pesticides, biocides and medicines, including interpretation of higher tier tests (e.g. mesocosms) and use of probabilistic approaches. We have developed prioritisation frameworks for human and veterinary medicines and advised on environmental toxicology, monitoring and modelling strategies for government clients. We advise commercial clients when dealing with regulatory agencies and when preparing dossiers for marketing authorisation applications.

We have also advised UK Government on appropriate test frameworks for engineered nanoparticles.

  • Literature reviews for endocrine disrupting properties of plant protection product active ingredients
  • Support of a tiered approach to evaluate endocrine effects in aquatic organisms for CEFIC
  • Statistical analysis of fish lifecycle studies for OECD
  • Assessment of regulatory testing strategies and methods for characterising the ecotoxicological hazards of nanomaterials for Defra
  • Desk based review of current knowledge on pharmaceuticals in drinking water and estimation of potential levels for Defra
  • Review of chronic aquatic toxicity testing of human pharmaceuticals for the Environment Agency
  • Advice on pesticides monitoring for the Environment Agency
  • Advice on human and veterinary medicine risk assessment for various business clients.
  • Advice to the Environment Agency on the risks to non-target wildlife from use of pesticide tank mixes.
  • Advice to the Environment Agency and business clients on environmental risk assessment of human medicines.
  • Scoping study on the impacts of pesticides in the aquatic environment for the Environment Agency.
  • Social acceptability of pesticide impacts on non-target species for Defra
  • Collaboration with the Central Science Laboratory to provide advice to Defra on improved approaches to assessing long-term pesticide risks to birds and mammals
  • Project management for the Environment Agency of work on timber treatments, veterinary medicines in the environment, sheep dip environmental impacts and field test kits for sheep dips
  • Advice on veterinary and pesticide product applications to the Environment Agency pesticides group at the National Centre for Ecotoxicology and Hazardous Substances

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