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Additional Laboratory Tests


Coco Absorb has passed the following tests conducted by California laboratories proving the product as Non-Hazardous.

  • Landfill Test - Exova Laboratories also conducted a Landfill Test on Coco Absorb, with results meeting and exceeding Federal EPA leachate standards for hydrocarbon/petroleum products and passing Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP).
  • CCR Metals Test – When tested for Total Metals Concentration, Coco Absorb was identified as a non-hazardous waste by California’s Code of Regulations on measuring Coco Absorbs Total Threshold Limit Concentration (TTLC) limits.
  • Car Paint Absorption Test – Coco Absorb’s absorbent abilities were tested when saturated in acrylic car paint.
  • Fish Bowl Test – One pound of Coco Absorb was mixed with one quart of used oil and then exposed to Fathead minnow over a four-day period. Coco Absorb did not release any of the oil into the minnow’s water, leaving a healthy and happy environment.
  • Coco Dry vs. TCLP and CCR Title 22 Bioassay Tests - Coco Dry blended with oil-based and latex-based paint passed the EPA’s TCLP Testing and the CCR Title 22 Fathead Minnow Hazardous Waste Screen Bioassay Test. Oil-based paints have been a major concern related to the disposal and contamination of landfills for many years. There are very few solutions on the market that effectively address this problem, so special programs have been developed in establishing state government sponsored collection centers because it has been such a monumental environmental issue. The testing results prove that Coco Dry is not only effective at solidifying and hardening oil-based paints but will not leach any of it back into the landfill.
  • BTU Test – BTU testing was performed on Coco Absorb, Coco Absorb with oil and Coco Absorb with Paint.

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