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- Wastewater Treatment Services


Our solutions for treating domestic wastewater from 200 ELS to 12.000 ELS are based on ADIPUR technology, integrated in ranges of compact containerized plants ADIPUR S1, S2, C and BM. Our solutions for domestic wastewater treatment from 3.000 ELS to100.000 ELS are based on supplying technological equipments integrated in classical wastewater treatment plants in concrete.

For Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Our solutions for industrial wastewater treating adress to all those who use water in the technological processes or who pollute water, generally industrially. We try to analize each industry and to find solutions for each particular problem.

These solutions come as a technological wastewater treatment, that comprises mainly equipments manufactured or delivered by us.

The industries where we can offer solutions for, but not limited at, are:

  • livestock 
  • distilleries
  • chemicals 
  • bulding materials
  • dairy products 
  • waste
  • slaughterhouses 
  • leather
  • breweries 
  • metallurgy
  • paper 
  • plastics
  • energy production 
  • food processing.

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