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Adsorption Tests and Particle Filter Testing Services


We conduct for you tests at filters and filter media to the point of activated carbon amongst others according to EN 779, EN 1822, ASHRA 52.2 or ISO 11155 / DIN 71460. Our test results guarantee a maximum of reliability and meet the highest standards. No matter if internationally active industrial enterprise or local supplier, many companies have confidence in our vast know-how.

  • DIN 71 460 Part 1
  • ISO 11155 Part 1
  • EN 779:2002
  • EN 779:2011
  • EN 1822-3
  • EN 1822-5
  • EN 60335 Part 2-69
  • ASHRAE 52.2
  • Aerodynamic particle size distribution measurements with TSI Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (APS)
  • Optical particle counting
  • Condensation nucleus counting and particle sizing (from 10 nm up to 500 nm)
  • Generation of solid particle aerosols from powders and solutions (SAE, NaCI, KCI etc.)
  • Generation of liquid particle aerosols (DEHS, oils etc.)
  • Neutralisation of aerosols with integrated monitoring of the optimized state of charges

  • Adsorption test according to ISO 11 155-2 (DIN 71 460-2)
  • Test Gas Catalogue download
  • Determination of breakthrough and adsorption capacities of indivitual substances as well as gas mixtures covering a wide range of concentrations. Our standard portfolio of test agents includes more than 50 substances.
  • We apply flame ionisation detection, chemoluminescence, UV-fluorescence and electrochemical sensors
  • We use FTIR-spectroscopy to investigate gas mixtures, displacement reactions and by-products of reactions at the adsorbens
  • Most precise controll of temperature, humidity and flow rates
  • Determination of desorption curve under ambient conditions or at elevated temperatures.
  • Testing of large-scale filter elements

Besides the testing of actual filtration performance parameters we also run tests of basic material properties on media and filter elements. We are able to perform climate change tests, conditioning under extreme storage conditions, diverse resistance checks and odor- or fogging tests.

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