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Advanced Designer Testing Service



As well as enjoying a solid reputation in the field of effective stress as the largest laboratory of this type in Europe, ESG's on-going developments into areas of advanced testing and data capture reinforces our position at the forefront of geotechnical testing.

For example, testing for Shear Modulus and Young's Modulus is provided using the very latest computer controlled resonant column equipment capable of producing analysis with minimal averaging of results.

Similarly, when testing dynamic soil behaviour we can model many different types of field loading conditions which are difficult to achieve using more traditional laboratory techniques. For instance, our cyclic simple shear testing uses the latest technologies to simulate stress rotations common to many modern day geotechnical projects around the world. Typically it is used for overwater and undersea structures, landslips, rail infrastructure, seismic performance studies and the testing of liquefaction.

Our advanced testing suite includes:

  • Static and dynamic simple shear testing
  • Resonant column
  • Stress path
  • Isotropic and Anisotropic consolidation
  • Local axial and radial strain (small strain)
  • Mid-height pore pressure
  • Bender elements
  • Suction testing
  • K0 determination
  • Tensile testing
  • Shear modulus derived from axial strain measurement
  • Axial and horizontal shear modulus derived from dynamic measurements
  • Young's modulus

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