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In the global advertising market, part of the large business services market, food, beverage and personal/healthcare represent the leading market segment, generating 25% of overall market value. The Americas account for more than 42% of the overall industry.

Companies selling consumer products are the biggest consumers of advertising and market services. Other sectors that use advertising and marketing include companies involved in technology, telecommunications, financial services and entertainment. Advertising and marketing services are enlisted to built client relationships, boost brand awareness and encourage brand loyalty.

Key Market Segments
  • The global outdoor advertising marketis expected to reach almost $44 billion by 2017, reports Global Industry Analysts. Advertising budget cuts carried out due to the economic recession are expected to ease as the economy begins to recover. Outdoor advertising is expected to grow at a faster rate than other market segments, such as print and broadcast media. Transit outdoor advertising revenue is forecast to record the fastest yearly growth rate of more than 9% between 2011 and 2017.

  • The global social media marketing industry is showing signs of strong growth across the BRIC nations (Brazil, India, Russia and China), reports BRICDATA. Many companies are deploying social media marketing strategies and dedicating more funds to marketing budgets. Market growth is driven by advantages that social media marketing affords companies, such as access to a large audience and a method of gathering key information to research motivation for making purchases.

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