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Industry born, industry tested, industry proven: Built on decades of experience in the HVAC/R industry with a keen eye on stakeholder needs, trakref was built to solve problems. Our leadership has managed distribution and reclamation operations on five continents and worked with the EPA and the UN on f-gas program development, designing trakref while consulting for international industry professionals. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies already rely on trakref, everyday.

Refrigerant compliance requires a plan. Trakref can help.

Fully engaging in the pursuit of absolute regulatory compliance means leveraging best practices, conveniently built-in to trakref from day one. With the addition of trakref advisors services, our experienced industry experts help you develop custom plans, tailor-made for your business, guaranteeing 100% compliance and ensuring the successful optimization of your HVAC-related assets. Information is power, but simply gathering it is only the beginning. With effective interpretation of benchmarks, vital stats can be harnessed to streamline the management of your systems, empowering you to improve the value and efficiency of your business.

Refrigerant management and compliance program

  • With a thorough and detailed onsite trakref advisors audit, you’ll set the stage for taking back control of your entire system and quickly proceed on the path toward optimal asset management.
  • Our included, customized manual will become your go-to resource for HVAC/R and refrigerant management and monitoring, facilitating your transition into thorough system control and full compliance.

Onsite asset inventory and system tagging

  • Unless you’re intimately familiar with your asset profile, you can’t begin to manage it. With trakref advisors onsite for the initial audit, you’ll learn the details of your specific inventory and related needs.
  • An estimated 70% (or more) of system owners don’t have a clear picture of their depreciable HVAC/R assets. Your audit will include trakref’s unique digital system tagging and tracking for every unit.

Virtual and onsite f-gas management and training

  • Following your audit, the trakref advisors team can also be deployed onsite to conduct special refrigerant compliance training, so you can be sure to align priorities across your entire staff.
  • Training, both virtual and onsite, is central to the trakref advisors program, focusing on the trakref platform itself, f-gas management in general and on ensuring full staff engagement with best practices.

Who says there’s no such thing as free advice?

If you’re operating an HVAC/R business with unknown liabilities, you’re exposed and vulnerable, which impacts your bottom line. If you don’t know the details of your system’s history, energy usage and performance, you have another strike against you. Step one for getting a handle on your entire system, regaining control and reclaiming the inherent value in every asset is to simply talk about your unique situation with an expert who knows the industry from the inside out. Let’s start that conversation. Get in touch for some free advice from trakref, so we can help get you back on the path to success. There’s nothing to lose here, but what’s at stake is a real chance to optimize your HVAC/R business from A to Z. Contract trakref advisors today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’re here to help.

Bringing unique and specific solutions to your industry

Effective refrigerant management boils down to a concerted effort to focus on a few core best practices and giving them the attention they deserve. At trakref, the core is divided among four simple priorities: communication, benchmarking, asset management and compliance. Once you see the inherent value in those four core areas, it’s only a matter of implementing the one solution built around them all: trakref. Add a customized solution for your situation, and you’re on your way.

Asset control

With trakref plugged into your system, you’re already in the driver’s seat and poised to regain control of your assets. Now take advantage of trakref advisors programs to augment your comprehensive understanding of the possibilities and maximize the potential of your HVAC-related business.

In-depth training

A natural byproduct of an HVAC/R system optimized with trakref, regulatory compliance is a core priority and 100% guaranteed for users. Along with our guarantee, trakref contains automated services for reporting that make compliance-related recordkeeping a cinch.

Peace of mind

Use trakref to maximize the potential of your HVAC/R system with four core best practices: communication, benchmarking, asset management and compliance. With all your assets tracked and managed, use your time and money to focus on your business instead of your air conditioning.

Ease of use

Today’s software must be intuitive by design, both easy to pick up for the first time and effortless to master after minimal investment. Trakref brings key HVAC/R variables into a single platform where they can be easily monitored and manipulated with nothing more than an internet-connected smartphone or computer.

A global leader in f-gas management across 10 countries

  • A UN consultant with over 1,000,000 HVAC/R assets benchmarked
  • Trusted by global brands to optimize refrigerant and asset management
  • Field-tested, Fortune 500-approved, mobile-enabled, cloud-based, logic-driven and goal-oriented
  • Hundreds of enterprises, thousands of users and 100%-guaranteed success in every implementation
  • The numbers are stunning, but the solution is simple. Keep more money in your pocket and time in your schedule by managing your refrigerants before they manage you...with trakref.

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