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Eclat Consult


Éclat aims to promote more effective and efficient environmental management in organizations/projects by providing useful and usable tools - ones that are cost effective, system-based, and flexible thus reflect the best organizational practices available for gathering, interpreting and communicating environmentally relevant information. Our database contains loads of 'green' information which we share with our clients in different forums. Such forums are organized on a need basis and they include: personal visits and consultations, operation and factory audits, company workshops and seminars, trade exhibitions, email and postal correspondence, e.t.c. Éclat also advises on the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act), 2009 which guides on providing safe working environments to all employees. The Act also spells out the responsibilities of each party towards a healthy and productive working environment.

Advisory services also extend to clarification of existing legal requirements to ensure project conformance.

We also advice on 'green' procurement and 'green' production, concepts of both economic and environmental safeguards. All these aim at;

  • Reducing operation costs
  • Reducing risks of liability
  • Improving process efficiency
  • Enhance the company's public image and employee morale

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