Aerosols Regular Disposal Service

If you produce a regular special waste stream like, empty pesticide containers, contaminated wipes and clean-up materials or contaminated washings Envirogreen can offer a regular disposal service for a fixed annual fee.

For some golf courses and similar facilities these come 'pre-packaged' and details are included in the golf course section, for other waste streams the contracts are customised to suit the type, quantity and frequency of waste produced.

Most of the special wastes we consign, including all pesticides, currently go to high temperature incineration for final destruction. This is regarded as the safest and most effective way of dealing with combustible organic wastes, which are unsuitable for landfill because of their toxicity, flammability or resistance to natural breakdown.

The incineration site operates to BS EN ISO 9002 and BS EN ISO 14001. The kiln operates at 900 - 1200°c with solids resident for 2 - 4 hours, combustion gas products pass into an afterburner chamber, which is held at 1120 - 1150°c, with a residence time in excess of 4 seconds, double the time specified in the Hazardous Waste Incineration Directive.

Key Benefits
• Disposal costs are fixed and costs can be spread over the year.
• All waste is properly classified before consignment.
• All necessary labels and over packing materials are provided.
• All necessary documentation is completed with copies sent to the Environment Agency.

What is Required
Before we can provide a quotation we need details of what needs to be collected. We need to know the location, the type of waste, the weight or volume and the frequency of required collections. Since individual requirements vary considerably it is best to talk through your requirements.

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