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Applied Ecological Services is a full-service, ecological consulting, contracting and restoration firm with special expertise in environmental planning, design, and restoration. Established in 1978, AES provides science-based leadership in the resolutions of environmental problems and in the preservation of natural systems, emphasizing design strategies to improve ecological systems or at least eliminate or minimize, adverse ecological impacts.

AES' ecological systems approach to planning projects includes a multi-disciplinary staff of ecologist, biologist, geographers, engineers and landscape architects. The staff at AES views its diverse background as an irreplaceable resource that offers each project innovative design intertwine with a solid, multifaceted, scientific approach to planning.

In the past decade, planning techniques have changed dramatically with the evolution of new technologies. At the leading edge of these technologies are Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing and Global Position System (GPS) methods and techniques throughout various project implementations. AES is operating on the cutting edge of these land management and planning techniques at a regional, watershed and site-specific scale.

With the ever-increasing amounts of digital data available to planners, environmental specialists, and even the general public, the application of GIS in everyday use becomes not only possible but also affordable. AES has developed a niche in the GIS/Planning process that include the following services:

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