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Aggregate Pit Services


Alberta Environment regulates aggregate pits of private land (including municipal land) that are equal to or larger than 12.5 acres in area (Class I pits). The size calculation includes infrastructure. These pits are regulated under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and the Code of Practice for Pits.

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development regulates pits on public land, not including provincial parks (meaning provincial Crown land, and including the beds and shores of permanent natural water bodies). This is done through surface mineral dispositions under the Public Lands Act.
Small pits on private land are not subject to the Code of Practice, but are subject to the Guidelines for the Environmental Management of Pits.

Ridgeline is a member in good standing with the Alberta Sand & Gravel Association. We have the experience and qualifications to help operators comply with the regulations by assisting operators with their application for registering their pits as per the Approvals and Registrations Procedure Regulation. Once registered, we can help develop and execute the subsequent operations plan and – in the case of closure – reclamation activities and final reclamation reporting.

Ridgeline will develop, investigate and provide the following:

  • A full detailed aggregate pit description (size, material, soil conditions etc.)
  • Cross section scale drawings of pit conditions (including groundwater)
  • Depth to groundwater from test holes
  • In collaboration with the operator, determine whether gravel washing, salt, asphalt, hydrocarbons or wet excavation will be used and provide detailed mitigation measures
  • Discharge points for pit water
  • Reclamation drawings including surface water bodies and groundwater
  • Description of surface water bodies in reclaimed pit
  • Pit water monitoring for pH, suspended solids, hydrocarbons (including release limits)
  • Topsoil salvage
  • In collaboration with the operator, Ridgeline personnel will develop and implement contravention reporting policies to Alberta Environment
  • Five-year report (general description of pit, size, layout etc.) no water monitoring reporting.

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