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Cormetech, Inc.

AIG Tuning Services


Periodic optimization of the ammonia-to-NOx distribution is helpful for reducing operations and maintenance (O&M) costs as well as ensuring the long-term optimal performance of an SCR catalyst system. Backed by our extensive field experience on over 800 SCR systems, Cormetech provides state-of-the-art tuning and optimization services to enhance the performance of the reagent distribution system. The purpose of AIG tuning is to ensure an even ammonia-NOx molar ratio distribution to the catalyst. Proper AIG tuning ensures maximum system performance, reduced ammonia slip and can effectively extend the catalyst life. Our thorough process may also eliminate localized regions of high ammonia slip, which can lead to air pre-heater fouling.

The Multipoint Sampling System is capable of efficiently and accurately performing AIG tuning until it is operating at peak performance. The frequency of tuning is dictated by unit-specific conditions, including NOx distribution from the boiler and the style of AIG/mixer system in use. In general, we recommend an annual check of the AIG distribution for optimal SCR performance.

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