Air and Water Field Testing Services



Air and water field testing, conducted on installed windows and curtain walls, is intended to help ensure the quality of installation, the performance of installed products, and verify compliance with architect and industry specifications. It also identifies the source of water damage and leakage problems in the field through forensic investigations.

UL provides on-site air barrier testing and on-site field testing of windows, curtain walls and storefronts for air leakage resistance, water penetration resistance, and structural and acoustical performance at building sites. This provides owners, contractors, consultants and architects with information needed to assess compliance, risk mitigation and remediation solutions.

Built environment professionals often require field testing of installed windows, curtain walls and storefronts to evaluate air infiltration, air barriers, water penetration, structural loading, acoustical, thermal cycling, condensation and anchor pull-out test performance of installed products to architectural and industry specifications.

For new construction or new fenestration installation, field testing helps ensure proper performance of fenestration products after they have been installed in a building. Field testing provides quality assurance and helps building owners, contractors, consultants and architects feel confident they are meeting contractual obligations.

For existing construction with problematic conditions, air and water field testing can identify the source of problems and provide information necessary to mitigate and remedy problems.

Our fast and accurate professional service is available at any location across the United States and Canada, and can usually be dispatched within 24 hours to a location. UL utilizes fully equipped vans, prepped and ready for on-site testing. We also compile data in real time for quick report turnaround and provide consultation to make sure test results and issues are clearly understood by customers.

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