ARAMARK Environmental Services

ARAMARK Environmental Services

Air and Water Monitoring Services

ARAMARK Environmental Services (AES) offer air and water monitoring services and contaminated land consultancy and  remediation. We offer our clients a diverse skill set and a complete array of services covering air, land, and water, occupying a leadership position in environmental consulting and engineering.We will assist your organisation to meet the requirements of the Integrated Pollution Prevention Control Licence (IPPC) and develop cost effective risk management solutions in order to reclaim contaminated land.

From remediation projects to local waste management solutions, we possess the knowledge and expertise to share best practices in order to add value to client organisations and reduce their risk on projects. Our engineers can assist with standard environmental audits, permits and approvals and can provide your company with a variety of advisory, planning, design and construction-related services for environmental compliance consulting, civil engineering, solid waste, livestock waste, air quality, storm water, drinking water and wastewater. AES can meet the needs of a wide range of clients generally ranging from manufacturing facilities, public bodies, livestock agricultural producers and private developers.

AES are driven by market requirements and regulatory compliance, while reducing liability and costs. We can also help move projects beyond compliance to environmental excellence, by adding a sustainability focus to our services and taking a hard look at best practices and technical protocols to determine which need to be adopted.

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