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Sullair Audits review the entire compressed air system to identify ways to maximize efficiency; reduce waste; and reduce energy, maintenance, and equipment costs.

Sullair Audits review the entire compressed air system to identify ways to maximize efficiency; reduce waste; and reduce energy, maintenance, and equipment costs. Audits provide the most accurate possible data on the current system conditions to help manage the system, identify component upgrades, and ensure the entire system operates as it should.

Benefits of Sullair Audits with no disruption to productivity: 

  • Reduce operating costs 25% to 50% 
  • Reduce maintenance costs 10% to 80%

And, Sullair is the only compressor manufacturer to offer three levels of air system audit that are tailored around the Department of Energy’s standards.

A compressed air audit by Sullair’s team of certified auditors is the best way to maximize the efficiency of a compressed air system. A Sullair audit is designed to help identify savings opportunities. Audit solutions are often simple, such as minor piping corrections, inexpensive compressor control adjustments, and/or additional storage capacity complemented with precision flow controllers. Every system has its unique characteristics.

Frequently one can find enough savings to even turn compressors off. Audits can be built into existing system maintenance contracts, allowing for re-audits as facilities, systems, environments, and the air system needs change.


Using the SystemWizard analysis software, Sullair can quickly evaluate the cost and efficiency of a compressed air system, compare multiple compressor alternatives, identify opportunities, and calculate investment paybacks on energy saved. SystemWizard™ is also an ideal tool for evaluating changes to the system after a full audit or assessment.


Sullair’s SysteMate solution provides real-time, objective measurements of compressed air usage. SysteMate™ takes power and pressure readings, and accurately calculates true system flow output and requirements, automatically generating reports that graph system parameters. This entire process can be completed without interrupting production.


In accordance with the guidelines from the government, Sullair’s LogAir auditing system uses the first data logging system specifically designed to meet the comprehensive requirements of today’s compressed air systems. Sullair’s certified auditors provide superior compressed air system analysis and optimization. They work with you to understand your needs, often going beyond the requirements defined by the Department of Energy’s Compressed Air Challenge.

The complete LogAir auditing system can log virtually any parameter in the system, including true power (actual kW measurements), flow, pressure, dew point, and temperature, and all at rates as fast as once a second for up to 14 days. With all the data acquisition expertise, capability, and software, Sullair certified auditors can use the LogAir™ system and software to provide accurate data analysis to evaluate financial options and offer the best choices for managing a compressed air system investment.

In addition, Sullair and authorized distributor partners will be happy to validate any audit with a follow-up assessment.

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