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Air balance modelling


As a partner of various industries, Pure Air Solutions offers specialised services related to the air and heat flows in such processes. Complicated computer models are available to predict balance data and perform automated and accurate calculations of air mixing and cooling. These models clearly demonstrate average and extreme conditions of the process for a wide range of resources and production processes. Including indications on the water balance of the process as well as odour production. When a client increases production capacity to the maximum design capacity of a production line, we calculate balance data models to avoid expansion of an existing biofilter. On occasion, Pure Air Solutions has been asked to investigate optimizing air and heat flows, and more specifically, how air could be re-routed and conditioned to minimise the need for additional odour control and related equipment. This then becomes a challenge for our engineering.
Only a minimum of design data is required as input data to the model. Numerous data from practical experience are available and can be used to make comparative calculations or estimates.

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