Envitrans Private Limited

Envitrans Private Limited

Air Dispersion Modeling Service


ENVITRANS provides comprehensive Air Dispersion Modeling services to a wide range of industries, traffic and infrastructure projects including oil and gas, chemical, metallurgical processing units, cement, thermal power, mining, highways, railways and airports etc.

Meteorological and air quality monitoring data must be processed and integrated into modeling analyses. We can utilize onsite air quality data to evaluate model performance or defend the use of a non-guideline model that more accurately simulates the dispersion of emissions from a source

Odor emissions from industries, wastewater treatment plants and landfill sites are a fairly common occurrence. A wide range of industrial activities are prone to odour 'nuisance' which may impact the neighboring community.

Locations of community complaints can be plotted and correlated with modeled results. The frequency and severity of odour threshold exceedance in the community can be predicted to help industry with abatement planning.

The range of services offered is very extensive including the following:

  • Plume Dispersion Modeling and Screening
  • Development of Comprehensive Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Network Plan
  • Mobile Source (e.g. traffic) Emission and Impact Assessment
  • Air Quality Impact Analysis (AQIA) utilizing dispersion modeling with regulatory models AERMOD, ISCST and CALINE etc.
  • Meteorology Monitoring

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