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Air Permitting and Compliance Evaluation



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  • Determination of Facility Classification through “Potential-to –Emit Calculations
  • Comprehensive Facility Air Compliance Inspection
  • Strategies to Increase Operating Flexibility
  • Alternative Operating Scenarios
  • Review of Applicable Regulations and Air Compliance Determinations
  • Developing Corrective Compliance Plans
  • Record-keeping and Tracking Systems
  • Monitoring Plans
  • Preparation of Complete and Accurate Applications
  • Review of Finalized Operating Permit
  • Audits for Compliance with Finalized Operating Permit

  • Determination of PSD Applicability
  • Quantification of Potential-to Emit Total Emissions
  • Air Dispersion Modeling
  • Class I Assessments
  • Greenhouse Gas Assessments/BACT Determinations
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Best Available Control Documentation
  • Strategic Planning, Reporting, and Ongoing Liaison with Applicable Regulatory Agency to See-the-Permit-Through

  • Source Classification Determinations and Air Permitting Strategies
  • Air Screen Dispersion Modeling
  • Compliance Determinations
  • Complete Application Preparation
  • Correspondence with Regulatory Agencies
  • Development and Review of Draft Permit Conditions
  • Post Permit Issuance Compliance Audits

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