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Air Pollution Control - Air Treatment


The Europe Environment Group, a subsidiary of the Europlasma Group, specializes in ventilation and air cleaning: It develops processes and systems that enable the treatment of gases and the reduction of odors. Europe Environment integrates the three levels of expertise required for its development: chemical processes engineering, aerolics and thermoplastics. The group operates upstream in the diagnostic phase. Its first task is to identify and quantify pollutants. The second task is to select and install vacuum and ventilation systems that will capture the effluents. Finally, to ensure the viability of anti-corrosion and exhaust gases ventilation systems, Europe Environment has developed an expertise in thermoplastics through its 100%-owned subsidiary Europe-Plast, created in 2002.


From diagnosis - prelude to a call for tenders - to the installation of pollution control systems, Europe Environment offers solutions to large corporations in the electronics, chemicals, electroplating, paper, steel industries and also for public authorities.

Europe Environment has positioned itself as one of the few companies able to respond immediately and comprehensively to more and more stringent environmental requirements in air pollution control and air treatment.

Europe Environment has expanded the breadth of its offering with the acquisitions of Ventacid Hungary (2006), which acts as a development base for the Group in Central and Eastern Europe (2006), Protech-Air a specialist of dust removal, and US volatile organic compounds (VOC) treatment specialists ATS (2007), AMCEC and RHE (2008), which allowed the Group to establish a presence on the US market.

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