Environmental Consulting Bureau (ECB)

Environmental Consulting Bureau (ECB)

Air Pollution Control Services


Air quality services depends on strategy and planning, technical analysis, including dispersion modeling and emission estimates, preparation of permit applications, and regulatory compliance.

Our expert team of air quality scientists and engineers provide a full spectrum of environmental consulting services, from initial emission and compliance assessments to permitting of active and planned industrial facilities.

Our services range from high-profile and controversial energy and transportation projects, to complex, government programmatic environmental assessments, and EISs under PME and EIAs in accordance with international bank guidelines.

Typical compliance services include site assessments and due diligence audits, emission inventories, and review and completion of permit applications.

We support several government agencies in the evaluation of military installations compliance with the government directives. We also work closely with various KSA clients to help permit, site, and construct facilities and provide contingency cost estimates for air pollution issues associated with project or site acquisition.

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